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Krause Title: Making Sure You Are
Getting What You Pay For

Whether you buy a house, land, or a business, preliminary title work involves a title search. Krause Title Company will perform a thorough examination of all public records that involve title to a specific property. The purpose is to provide notice of title flaws that must be dealt with before the property can change hands. Two questions must be answered:

  • Does the seller really have the right to sell the property?
  • Is the buyer getting all the rights to the property that he or she is paying for?

Our Professional and Accurate Title Search

Krause Title provides professional and accurate title searches on behalf of lenders and property owners. Before issuing title insurance, we search for unknown defects in a real estate title that may impact the transferability of the property.

We review various court and public records, including deeds, mortgages, liens, wills, divorce orders, unsatisfied judgments, encumbrances, tax records and maps. A title search will identify the legal owner of the property, a chain of title, as well as any outstanding debt, lien, claim or other encumbrance on a piece of real property.

Common property title defects may include:

  • Mistakes in records examination
  • Contractors’ liens
  • Mortgage defects
  • Erroneous surveys
  • Judgment against the seller
  • Liens for unpaid taxes
  • Homeowner’s Association liens
  • Undisclosed or missing heirs; Break in the chain of title
  • Foreclosure Issues
  • Property line and boundary disputes
  • Unresolved building code violations

Krause Title works hard to see that unmet obligations are dealt with and any issues are resolved prior to closing.

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